Benefits To You and Your Students

The content and format for Rx for The Business of Medicine was designed to be part of a school’s integrated curriculum

An elective course for students with very minimal administrative burden by school staff

An elective course that does not interfere with course, class or rotation schedules

A one of a kind course designed by doctors, lawyers, and other healthcare professionals who learned business fundamentals the hard, frustrating, and expensive way

We cover the major business topics and skills needed to have a successful career in medicine

Flexibility for students to complete the course at their convenience anywhere they have internet connection

Resources to compete effectively and operate efficiently 

Reduced costs because there are minimal school staff costs to manage the course and no commuting costs for students

A chance for students to network with peers across the nation

Students get personalized attention they need to have concepts clarified

Students have access to experts located throughout the U.S.

All information is safely stored in an online database